Employee of the "LPR tax office" fled from the "republic" because of the "unacceptable" methods of work 07/28/2016 14:18:41. Total views 971. Views today — 1.

Employee of the "LPR tax office" of the programme of the Security Service of Ukraine Tyebya Zhdut Doma (you are waited for at home),- reports the press center of the agency.

In April 2015 25-year-old resident of Luhansk started to work at the district "tax inspection of the LPR" in temporarily occupied city.

"He saw firsthand how his "colleagues" followed instructions of the leaders of "the LPR" and Russian curators and threatened entrepreneurs to force them to register their business and pay taxes to the budget of the pseudo republic," - says the report.

According to the man, working methods of the separatist "government" bodies were unacceptable for him, so he went to the area of ​​Luhansk region controlled by Ukraine.

"SSU investigators found within the framework of criminal proceedings that the "tax inspector" had not committed crimes while "serving for separatists." Given the desire of man to return to normal life and correct his mistakes, voluntary refusal to participate in the so-called illegal structures of the "LPR" and active cooperation with the investigation, the court directed the petition to release him from criminal liability under Part. 2 of the Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine," - says the source.