The first and only ATM of the so-called "bank" of the "DPR" was installed in occupied Novoazovsk 07/27/2016 21:19:36. Total views 893. Views today — 0.

The first and only ATM of the so-called "Republic Bank" was installed in occupied Novoazovsk, - reports the separatist DAN website.

"Novoazovsk joined to the list of cities in which ATMs of the Central Republican Bank are already in operation," - said the statement.

It is noted that the ATM will work around the clock.

ATMs owned by Ukrainian banks that have left the territory controlled by militants are reprogrammed and installed in occupied cities.

Now there are 67 ATMs throughout the occupied part of Donetsk region, more than half of them are located in Donetsk. Ten ATMs are in Makeyevka, nine in Gorlovka, two in Zugres, Khartsyzk and one in Yenakiyevo, Ilovaysk, Novoazovsk, Snezhnoye, Torez and Shakhtarsk.