Protesting against Tymoshenko’s "broad coalition" with Opposition Bloc, Kharkov Batkivshchyna burned party cards 07/26/2016 21:40:17. Total views 1194. Views today — 0.

About a hundred representatives of Kharkov Batkivshchyna announced resignation from the party and burned party tickets today in the Constitution Square to protest against the merger of the party with the Opposition Bloc. The corresponding statement was made public by Anton Filippov on his Facebook page.

Among those who publicly resigned from Batkivshchyna are the chairman of the regional organization of Batkivshchyna Molodaya Anton Filippov and his deputy Anton Ilichev; one of the leaders of Valkovsky district organization, ATO participant Sergey Romanchuk; deputies of the Kharkov district and Novovodolazhskogo village councils.

"We find particularly cynical close cooperation of representatives of the Batkivshchyna and Opposition bloc in elections on July 17th including in Luhansk region. Representatives of the district commission from Batkivshchyna together with representatives of the Opposition Bloc disrupted meetings of the Regional Committee for counting votes," - said the statement.

The statement also criticized joint statement on elections in Luhansk signed by Savchenko and "regional" Lebedev.