Militants carries out a provocation in the direction of Mariupol – ATO headquarters 07/25/2016 21:21:15. Total views 916. Views today — 3.

Militants carried out a provocation in the ATO area in Mariupol direction over the past day, - reports the press-center ATO.

"This time the opponent fired at Talakovka from the direction of Kominternovo from the temporarily occupied territory at 20.40. Trying to blame the Ukrainian military in non-compliance with the conditions of the ceasefire, Russian occupants fired with mortars of large caliber (82 and 120 mm) at the northern and southern suburbs of Kominternovo, as a result two houses burnt,"- said the statement.

In addition, it is stated that "affirming provocative attitude and trying to incite the local population against the Ukrainian military, the enemy tried to use phone calls allegedly from the disturbed population to the UN monitoring mission."

Command of Mariupol tactical group emphasizes that the Ukrainian militaries "continue to adhere to the Minsk Agreements, don’t respond to enemy’s provocation, do not open fire".

The ATO headquarters noted that there was every reason to believe that the militants tried to imitate firing by ATO forces from Talakovka. The aim of these provocations is to compromise the ATO forces, to disrupt fulfillment of the Set of Measures to implement ceasefire under the Minsk Agreements.