Journalist Bochkala said that border guards added him to unreliable database for critical materials 07/25/2016 19:25:22. Total views 865. Views today — 0.

Journalist Roman Bochkala said that border guards added him to unreliable database for critical materials. He wrote that on his Facebook page.

According to the journalist, he was asked to go to the office for further information at the airport Borispol during border control.

Border guards told him that he is in a kind of "database".

"Later I got to know that the border guards had a list of suspicious persons, who had to be carefully checked. Some recidivists, potential terrorists. Usually law enforcement agencies add people to this list, but in my case it was initiated by the State Border Service administration," - wrote Bochkala.

Bochkala explained what he was added to the database because of the investigations in the Podrobnosti Nyedyeli on smuggling of forests in Bukovina, and Stop corruptsiyi on illegal traffic of cigarettes to Romania, where there is reason to believe, local border guards were involved.

" I had a hard conversation with them. At the end they said then - "You will regret". The BOLO indicated that they should examine carefully not only me, but also my property, car. Every time I cross the border, and others cases of meetings with the border guards," - said the journalist.

According to him, he was released 15 minutes before the flight and then due to intervention of the press-service.

"They refused to give a copy of the document, based on which I was arrested, although they initially promised so. Till they got to know that I was a journalist. They apologized and promised that it would not happen again. We will see when I cross the border again. Otherwise, I’ll file a in court," - threatened Bochkala.