Leader of the "DPR" commanded Russian generals in secret but large-scale exercises 07/22/2016 17:13:40. Total views 1152. Views today — 0.

The self-proclaimed "DPR" held secret large-scale exercises. It is reported by separatist DAN website with the reference to "operational command".

According to the report, militants practiced skills of forces interaction "during a possible enemy attack."

"They exercised issues of personnel actions coherence and skills of operational and competent decision-making by staff in a constantly changing environment, close to the real action, as well as skills to repel an enemy attack," – says the report.

"Exercise" venue was not disclosed.

The report notes that the exercises were “run” by leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko who calls himself "commander of the Armed Forces of the DPR".

As previously reported, all the key positions in the hybrid Army are possessed by Russian military personnel with military ranks up to general.