Only 13% of Ukrainians believe in the positive impact of possible elections in Donbass on settlement of the conflict – survey 07/19/2016 21:11:24. Total views 925. Views today — 1.

Only 13% of Ukrainians believe that elections on the uncontrolled territories of Donbass may contribute to settlement of the armed conflict. Such findings were made public at the briefing by political analyst of the Democratic Initiative Fund named after Ilko Kucheriv Maria Zolkina, - reports Ukrinform.

"Only 13% of Ukrainians call elections on the uncontrolled territories as anevent which would have contributed to this, amnesty is even smaller - 6%," - she said.

Zolkina noted that 43% of Ukrainians believed that in the near future no elections on the uncontrolled territories of Donbass were impossible to carry out.

According to her version, some specific status of Donbass is not supported by the majority of the population. Only 13% of respondents are guided by the fact that it would help to resolve the conflict. "In Donbass13% believe that such a specific status could help to resolve the conflict," - she added.

At the same time, as Zolkina stressed, the survey confirmed that Ukrainians were a very peaceful nation, because even in situations of armed conflict, the vast majority of the population is oriented to resolve the situation to reach a compromise, however, the majority of them believe that it should be a compromise "not with all and not on everything". There are now 47% of such people. However, about 13-14% of citizens are oriented exclusively at the military solution of the conflict.

"The interesting thing is the issue of peace price, that is what compromises people are ready to accept, about one third of the population both in the west and in the east are oriented at any compromise, and it is clear due to close distance to demarcation line for the eastern regions and the fact that southern Ukraine borders on Crimea," - she stated.

The analyst pointed out that the basic plans of Ukrainians to restore peace in Donbass are to exercise international pressure on Russia, as well as the prospect of a successful recovery of life and restoration of the the liberated territory of Donetsk and Luhansk.