In the "LPR" city residents threatened to leak information about all militants’ positions to the AFU because of the firing points in the city 07/15/2016 18:11:24. Total views 976. Views today — 1.

Residents of temporarily occupied Krasny Luch in Luhansk region expressed open protest on July 13th-14th against the deployment of heavy artillery, including Grad and Uragan multiple launch rocket systems, in the surrounding areas of housing estates. It was reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on Facebook.

"On July 13th-14th residents of Krasny Luch expressed open protest against the deployment of heavy artillery, Grad and Uragan multiple launch rocket systemsof the separate artillery brigade (Krasny Luch) of the 2 AC (Luhansk) of the Russian Federation Armed Forces and accumulation of weapons of great destructive power on the territory of Krasny Luch Machine Building Plant JSC close to residential areas," - says the report.

"Outraged citizens threatened to leave the city in an orderly way and provide the ATO forces with coordinates of the barracks, warehouses and hangars, the destruction of which will cause minimal damage to civilian infrastructure," – added the MID of MD of Ukraine.