Gerashchenko said that the Russian side abandoned its troops captured by the AFU 07/13/2016 20:27:48. Total views 841. Views today — 0.

Russia refused to clarify the destiny of its soldiers captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the ATO area at the meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group to resolve the situation in Donbass in Minsk on Wednesday. It is reported by trepresentative of Ukraine in the subgroup of humanitarian affairs of the Contact Group Irina Gerashchenko on her Facebook page.

"During negotiations of the humanitarian group I asked the Russian side whether they wanted to know about their soldiers captured by the AFU. Those who are giving evidence about hostilities in Donbass. In response, I heard that there were no Russian military in Donbass, no representatives of Russian. They do not know who they are ... Well, it’s not the first time Russia abondons its officers and soldiers who were sent to kill Ukrainians," - wrote I.Geraschenko.

She noted that a similar situation was with Russian GRU employeesYevgeniy Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov who Russians called "the valiant militia."