In the occupied Brianka, the Luhansk oblast, seized housing from residents who left the occupation will be allocated to incoming medical workers 07/11/2024 13:58:50. Total views 269. Views today — 1.

The "authorities" of Brianka, occupied since 2014, will settle incoming medical professionals in housing confiscated from residents who departed the occupied area and deemed "ownerless". This was reported by the occupation "mayor" of Brianka, Evgeny Morozov, in an interview with local propaganda media on July 11.

"In this way, the city plans to enhance the staffing potential of healthcare. Young specialists will arrive at well-equipped hospitals, with decent wages and accommodation", - Morozov promised.

According to him, data collection is already underway for the "nationalization of property".

Earlier, it was reported that the so-called "head of the Novopskov municipality of the LNR", Victoria Kaidalova, explained to the residents of the community who are "outside the LNR" that their housing will be "seized" for needy citizens and "highly qualified specialists" from russia.