Russia refused to participate in a new Peace Summit on Ukraine 07/11/2024 12:58:06. Total views 154. Views today — 3.

Russia "does not accept ultimatums and does not intend to participate in events related to the so-called 'peace formula' of Zelensky", said russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin, according to the government-owned "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Galuzin stated that moscow "is aware of the intentions of the Kyiv regime and its Western supervisors to rehabilitate after the failed Peace Summit in Burgenstock, Switzerland, and attempt to organize a similar event".

"I think, - clarified Galuzin, - that Russia may even be invited".

Although "the specific location is not determined", the geography, Galuzin believes, is not fundamentally important. What matters more is the content.

The diplomat also pointed out that moscow hears nothing but "the same old rhetoric in a futile attempt to push through an absolutely dead-end and ultimative 'Zelensky formula'", and, conversely, "another manifestation of fraud is evident". Galuzin said. Such ultimatums are "unacceptable" to russia, he added.

As reported earlier, China and russia had stated the impossibility of discussing the resolution of the situation in Ukraine without moscow's participation.