Tuesday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 07/13/2016 13:00:42. Total views 973. Views today — 0.

"LPR envoy Vladislav Deynego": "On July 13th participants of the Contact Group will coordinate the withdrawal of troops in some areas in Donbass. There are two areas, but we are still working on them. These are Dolotovo district in the LPR and Petrovskogo district in the DPR."

"Deputy operational command of the DPR" Eduard Basurin: "Casualties of Ukrainian security officials have recently reached 12 people."

"Deputy head of the LPR head administration" Marina Filippova: "Ukrainian party will not be able to participate in the preliminary public voting which will take place in the autumn in the capital of the LPR ... Ukrainian Opposition Bloc party has no moral right to participate in local elections in the LPR."

Media: "Activists of the Molodaya Respublika NGO began to build graffiti portrait of Ukrainian writer and journalist Oles Buzyna in the center of Donetsk, who was killed by nationalists."

"MIA of the LPR": "LPR police officers seized more than 35 kg of narcotic drugs and more than 44,400 bushes of narcotic-containing plants in the republic during the week. Over 29,700 weapons and ammunition were seized from illegal trafficking."

"Ministry of Coal and Energy of the DPR": "The price on gasoline A-95 is 44 rubles per liter, A-92 - 43 rubles, diesel fuel - 41 rubles per liter in the DPR."

"Minister of Healthcare of the DPR" Victor Kuchkovoy": "5695 children were during the year, i.e. the birth rate has increased by 1.5 per cent."