Zelensky considered possible negotiations with putin similar to the "grain corridor" agreement 07/01/2024 17:41:14. Total views 387. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed a potential format for negotiations between Kyiv and russian dictator putin in an interview with the American publication Philadelphia Inquirer, as reported by the BBC.

"In this interview, Volodymyr Zelensky, for the first time, considered the possibility of negotiations with russian president vladimir putin. Previously, he had repeatedly stated that such negotiations were impossible, a stance that has also been legislatively affirmed in Ukraine", - the publication notes.

According to Zelensky, the only viable option for negotiations with the russian leader would involve intermediaries, similar to the discussions and creation of the Black Sea grain corridor.

"This model was first used in the example of the grain corridor when Ukraine negotiated not with russia but with the UN and Turkey. They, in turn, took on the responsibility of negotiating with us and then signing the corresponding agreement with russia. This is how it worked: two mirror agreements with the UN and Turkey in between", - Zelensky explained.

Zelensky believes a similar scheme could be used during negotiations on issues of "territorial integrity, energy, and freedom of navigation".

He suggests that mediators could be countries from different continents.

"Our partners are not only from Europe and the USA but also from many continents, including Asia, the Pacific region, as well as Africa and Latin America. When there are representatives preparing solutions for a particular crisis, and then this document, if it satisfies Ukraine, must be dealt with by representatives of the russian federation. For now, this is the only model we have", - Zelensky noted.