Amnesty for militants in Donbass is possible only after the elections – Ayvazovskaya 07/11/2016 21:18:06. Total views 956. Views today — 0.

Amnesty for members of illegal armed groups acting in the east of Ukraine is possible only after the democratic elections in Donbass. Coordinator of the Opora civil network, representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral contact group Olga Ayvazovskaya stated that on the 112 Ukraina TV channel.

"The issue of amnesty - Ukrainian position is clear, we can talk of amnesty only after democratic elections, and if the judiciary work is restored. Amnesty can be a measure, a tool that is being implemented within the framework of judicial and legal system of Ukraine but not in any other way," - she said.

Ayvazovskaya also commented on the release of captives in Donbass.

"This question would be better answered by Irina Gerashchenko, Viktor Medvedchuk who work in this subgroup. Release of the captives is discussed at each meeting, however it is now partially blocked due to a number of new requirements on the part of the militants and the part of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, there is understanding with the European Union, the OSCE representatives. I hope that there is progress regarding this issue," - she added.

Earlier, militants of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" pledged to unilaterally determine the date of "local elections" on the occupied territories, if the Ukrainian authorities do not adopt the law on local elections, coordinated with militants, in Donbass until July 14th, 2016.