One killed and 11 injured: rashists destroyed educational institution and residential buildings in Kharkiv (PHOTO) 06/24/2024 10:46:19. Total views 250. Views today — 1.

On June 23, as a result of the russian army's strike on Kharkiv, one person has been killed and several were injured. Part of the city was left without electricity. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reported this.

"Kharkiv was once again under russian bomb attacks. I have received all the reports. As of now, we know about one fatality and several injured. All necessary services are on site, helping people. I thank everyone involved. Part of Kharkiv is currently without power, and the metro has stopped. We will definitely restore and return everything back to normal. Maximum effort is being made to deprive russians of the ability to terrorize our cities. Modern air defense for Ukraine, strong combat aviation, long-range weapons, and sufficient determination from our partners are what will definitely stop russian terrorists", - Zelensky wrote.

Emergency services also provided details on the situation.

"On June 23, the enemy shelled different areas of Kharkiv. As a result of one of the strikes in a private residential area, there were destruction and a fire in two utility buildings and a garage covering a total area of 60 sq. m. Rescuers promptly extinguished the fire", - the message stated.

"At another address, a strike hit an educational institution building. The building suffered partial destruction. Nearby residential high-rises were affected. There was no fire", - added the SES.

Additionally, details of the shelling were disclosed by the head of the Oblast State Administration, Oleh Synehubov.

According to his information, there were more than three KAB missile strikes recorded in total. In the Kholodnohirsky district, two houses in a private sector were destroyed, and in the Kyivsky district, there was a strike in an industrial zone.

"In the Shevchenkivsky district, an educational institution was damaged. A woman was inside and received minor injuries. She received medical assistance. Multi-story buildings nearby had their windows blown out, and facades were damaged", - noted Synehubov.

As of now, a total of 11 people aged between 15 and 63 have been injured. One person is in critical condition, while others are in stable condition. A 73-year-old man was killed.