The Air Force described how one soldier managed to shoot down a missile with a machine gun (PHOTO) 06/21/2024 10:33:30. Total views 146. Views today — 0.

During the shelling on June 12, a soldier from a mobile fire team shot down a cruise missile heading towards the Kyiv oblast with a machine gun, according to the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

The Air Force noted that shooting down a missile with a machine gun is an extremely difficult task.

According to the soldier from the mobile fire team, during the shelling, they and their team moved to their position. At that moment, they were informed over the radio that the target was already close.

"A few seconds later, we saw the enemy missile rushing towards Vasylkiv. Without hesitation, I grabbed my machine gun and opened fire on the target. The only thought in my mind was to hit it! After firing a burst from the machine gun, I saw the missile start to veer off course and descend", - the mobile fire team soldier recounted.

He added that he was overwhelmed with emotions at that moment but only believed it when he saw the missile debris with his own eyes.