Today the enemy killed 4 more civilians in the Donetsk oblast: Kostiantynivka was bombed, Rozkishne hit with cluster munitions 06/20/2024 15:12:29. Total views 295. Views today — 1.

On June 20, russian occupiers killed four more civilians in the Donetsk oblast. This was reported by the head of the Donetsk Oblast Military Administration, Vadym Filashkin, on Telegram.

"In the morning, the russians dropped a guided aerial bomb on Kostiantynivka, killing one person and injuring another. One house was completely destroyed, and three more were damaged. In the afternoon, the enemy shelled Rozkishne in the Iliinivka community with cluster munitions, killing three people and injuring three others", - Filashkin wrote.

He clarified that among the injured in Rozkishne was a teenager born in 2009.

Earlier reports indicated that the enemy had attacked 16 settlements in the Donetsk oblast, resulting in two residents killed and four injured.