Leader of the "DPR" Zakharchenko said that the "republic" feeds all of Ukraine with bread and will also give light soon 07/11/2016 15:11:02. Total views 884. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko said that Ukraine buys grains from the "republic" in order to avoid bread famine. He said that in an interview with the Golos Respubliky separatist newspaper.

"The blockade cracked when the crop was taken (in 2015 - OstroV). Ukraine needed bread and it didn’t have it. Donbass was the second for growing crops," - said the leader of militants.

Zakharchenko didn’t specify which region of Ukraine, according to him, was a leader in growing grains. The militant didn’t give any accurate facts on purchasing grains by Ukraine from the occupation territory.

In addition, Zakharchenko said that Ukraine was ready to buy electricity from the "DPR".