Scholz announced the delivery of a third Patriot system, IRIS-T systems, as well as missiles and ammunition to Ukraine 06/11/2024 13:17:15. Total views 295. Views today — 0.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that in the coming months, his country will supply Ukraine with a third Patriot system, an IRIS-T installation, shells, missiles, and ammunition. He made this announcement on June 11 at the conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine in Berlin, LB.ua reports.

He promised that deliveries would begin in the coming weeks and months. Scholz called on those present at the conference to support the German initiative to strengthen Ukraine's air defence "with everything you can".

Scholz added that the restoration and reconstruction of the country will require at least $500 billion. He believes that the security guarantees signed with Ukraine by Germany and more than a dozen other countries are also guarantees for business.

He promised that at the Group of 7 summit to be held in Italy in the coming days, he would advocate for "far-reaching and long-term guarantees for Ukraine".

However, the German Chancellor is convinced that private capital is essential for the recovery. Hundreds of German companies are already operating in Ukraine.

He pointed out that when it comes to rebuilding Ukraine, it is about rebuilding a country that will become a member of the European Union.

The Conference on the Reconstruction of Ukraine will take place over two days under the slogan "United in Defense. United in Recovery. Strong Together". President Volodymyr Zelensky is participating in the event. Besides reconstruction, the conference will address issues of security and the humanitarian sphere.