Rashists conducted more than 2,300 shellings in the Donetsk oblast in a day: 1 killed, 9 injured, 27 civilian objects damaged (PHOTO) 06/11/2024 12:26:58. Total views 234. Views today — 1.

Russian occupiers carried out 2,328 shelling attacks in the Donetsk oblast within a day: one person was killed, nine were injured, and 27 civilian objects were damaged. This was reported by the regional police on Telegram on June 11.

"Over the past 24 hours, police recorded 2,328 russian shelling attacks. They hit 13 settlements: the cities of Hirniak, Kostiantynivka, Kurakhove, Pokrovsk, Toretsk; the villages of Ostroe, Kurakhivka, Niu-York, Shcherbynivka, Halytsynivka, Nelypivka, Novoselydivka, and Serhiivka. Twenty-seven civilian objects were damaged - 17 residential buildings, enterprises, administrative buildings, and critical infrastructure. In Serhiivka, a 52-year-old man was killed by artillery shelling", - the report said.

"In Kostiantynivka, russians dropped a KAB-500 air bomb, injuring five residents and damaging 13 apartment buildings, an administrative building, and a transformer. The occupiers struck Pokrovsk with two missiles, injuring a civilian and damaging an industrial facility. Two civilians were injured in Niu-York, and one in Nelypivka. In Toretsk, three private houses, an administrative building, and an enterprise were damaged", - the police stated.