Law enforcement officers rescued and transported a 102-year-old woman to the hospital from under enemy fire in Kherson 06/11/2024 12:03:20. Total views 236. Views today — 0.

An elderly woman from Kherson, who was injured due to russian shelling on June 10, is in stable condition. This was reported by the Kherson Oblast Military Administration on Telegram on June 11.

"Yesterday morning, russian troops shelled the Dniprovsky district of Kherson. A house where a 102-year-old woman lives was hit. Law enforcement officers rescued her from under the enemy fire and took her to the hospital, despite coming under a second attack by the occupying forces. The woman is now in the hospital with blast injuries and shrapnel wounds to her body and limbs. Deputy Head of the Kherson OMA, Yaroslav Shanko, visited the victim. She is currently receiving necessary medical assistance", - the statement said.

"Recently, we celebrated Mrs. Lidiia's birthday and wished her longevity. I am convinced this will be the case because the people of Kherson are incredibly resilient. They will endure everything and await Ukraine's Victory", - Shanko noted.