In May, more people were mobilized in Ukraine than in the past several months 06/11/2024 10:14:40. Total views 152. Views today — 0.

During May of this year, Ukraine succeeded in mobilizing more people than it had in the previous several months. This was reported to Ukrainska Pravda by Roman Kostenko, the secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense, and Intelligence.

According to the deputy, May 2024 was the most productive month for mobilization since the beginning of 2023. Kostenko noted that factors contributing to the increased mobilization included the enactment of a new law and the awareness of citizens.

"I also think that many people who wanted to join during the period when the law was being developed were waiting to see what the conditions would be, and in May, they joined the army", - he emphasized.

Kostenko also mentioned that the effects of the new mobilization law will be evident directly in the army in a few months.