Putin will visit North Korea to request "volunteers for the front" – kremlin propagandist 06/10/2024 13:05:25. Total views 103. Views today — 1.

During his June visit to North Korea, russian dictator putin may ask North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un for "volunteers for the front". This was reported by well-known kremlin propagandist Sergey Markov on his Telegram channel.

"Putin will visit North Korea and Vietnam this month. These will be completely different trips. For North Korea, it’s about Russia breaking out of the sanctions against North Korea. Millions of shells from Korea, construction workers from Korea. Possibly volunteers for the front from Korea", - Markov writes.

"And missile technologies to ensure that Korean missiles can reach the US reliably", - Markov adds.

It was previously reported that the UN confirmed russia violated sanctions by striking Kharkiv with a missile imported from North Korea.