The closure of mines in the "DNR" has left the stolen "Donventilator" plant without orders 05/29/2024 11:39:57. Total views 183. Views today — 14.

Founded in independent Ukraine, the Donetsk Ventilation Equipment Plant "Donventilator" has faced a severe sales crisis following the russian occupation.

Local media report that the plant, seized from its rightful owners, has managed to retain its equipment and entire engineering team under the "DNR" authorities. "Donventilator" is capable of producing industrial fans, even for custom orders. However, it is chronically short on orders.

"Previously, our main customers were coal mines", - the plant's managers admit, highlighting that the destruction of the coal industry in Donbas by russian occupiers has negatively impacted their enterprise.

Currently, "Donventilator" collaborates with the Lipetsk and Magnitogorsk metallurgical plants, "but overall, the problem with finding markets remains".