The russian “SMO hero” became a teacher and was detained for seducing an eighth-grader 05/24/2024 16:41:16. Total views 155. Views today — 1.

Russian social media report the detention of a 24-year-old history teacher in Pavlovsk, the Voronezh oblast, Ivan F., who served in the army, entered a university, and in 2022 voluntarily went to fight in the war. After the end of the contract, Ivan was invited to work at the school.

“Yesterday in the Voronezh oblast, a 24-year-old history teacher and veteran of the special military operation was detained. He is suspected of seducing an eighth-grader in his apartment”, - the report says.

“Ivan taught history, social studies and a life safety class, and led a group in basic military training for boys. On May 23, Ivan was detained. According to investigators, the teacher committed indecent acts towards a 15-year-old eighth-grader from his school, knowing for sure that the boy was a minor”, - the report also claim.

A criminal case was opened against the “SMO veteran” under the article “Depraved acts”. He faces up to three years in prison.