Family bid farewell to 26-year-old Anzhelika Taran, killed along with her unborn child by a russian missile (PHOTO) 05/24/2024 15:13:03. Total views 285. Views today — 0.

The family bid farewell to Anzhelika Taran, a 26-year-old pregnant woman who was killed by a russian Iskander missile strike on a holiday resort in the village of Krasna Lozova, the Kharkiv oblast. This was reported by TSN, with related photos posted on Instagram by photographers Kostiantyn and Vlada Liberovy on May 24.

"In the Ukrainian language, and perhaps in all the languages of the world, there is no word to convey what it means to lose your daughter and unborn grandchild in one day. This is not just a tragedy; it is something much more. russia has destroyed these people's lives", - the message said.