"Special zone": russia effectively closes border with "L/DNR". No approach closer than 100 meters without documents! 05/23/2024 15:44:06. Total views 286. Views today — 3.

A 5-kilometer special zone will be established at the border between russia's Rostov oblast and the quasi-republics "LNR" and "DNR". This decree was signed by Vasily Golubev, the governor of the Rostov oblast, who announced it on Telegram on May 23.

"I signed a decree establishing a 5-kilometer special zone on the administrative border with the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. A special legal regime, similar to that of a border zone, has been established in this area", - Golubev wrote.

He clarified that presence and movement within the special zone are only possible with identity documents.

Additionally, it is prohibited to be within a 100-meter zone without prior notification—12 hours in advance—to the Border Directorate of the FSB of russia for the region.

"This decision was made following a meeting of the Rostov oblast's Operational Headquarters. This measure will create conditions to protect against the penetration of terrorists, extremists and their accomplices, and the illegal movement of weapons, ammunition, and means of sabotage into the region", - Golubev noted.

"It's worrisome", - commented one person under the governor's post.

"About time", - noted another.

It was previously reported that those wishing to cross the checkpoints between russia and the "LNR" at Izvaryne and Gukovo are facing long hours in line.