The leader of the "DNR" announced 9,000 properties of "abandoned" real estate 05/21/2024 09:38:06. Total views 163. Views today — 0.

The leader of the "DNR" reported that about 9,000 properties of "abandoned" real estate have been identified in the "republic". He wrote about this on social media on May 20.

According to him, together with the Deputy Chairman of the Government of russia Marat Khusnullin, he discussed what to do with such properties.

"Among the tasks is the regulatory settlement of issues related to the use of abandoned property. As of today, about 9,000 such properties have been identified in the DNR. It is necessary to ensure that they are not left idle but are put to good use", - Pushilin reposted Khusnullin's post.

Additionally, as reported by "Novaya Gazeta.Europe", on the occupied territories, the russians plan to seize 13,300 private houses and apartments. They are taking homes even from refugees and those who went to the front.

"Over three years, the occupied regions have identified 13,300 'abandoned' real estate properties, half of which were found in the first part of 2024. While in the first year of the war, the occupation authorities found an average of 235 'abandoned' houses each month, now it is about 1,500 per month", - the publication writes.

It is also noted that almost 80% of the 'abandoned' properties are in newly occupied territories, with the occupiers mainly searching in the central areas of occupied cities. The highest number of 'abandoned' properties is currently found in Mariupol.