Rashists attacked 7 settlements in the Donetsk oblast over the past day: 3 injured, 45 civilian objects were damaged (PHOTO) 05/20/2024 11:54:00. Total views 278. Views today — 0.

The russian occupiers attacked seven settlements in the Donetsk oblast over the past day, resulting in three people being injured and 45 civilian objects being damaged, the regional police reported on May 20.

"During the day, the police recorded 2,404 shellings by the occupying forces. The occupiers hit the city of Kurakhove, the villages of Siverne, Yampil, Viroliubivka, Katerynivka, Stara Mykolaivka, and Ukrainka. Forty-five civilian objects were damaged, including 41 residential buildings, an outbuilding, an excavator, and vehicles. Russia dropped two KAB-250 bombs on Siverne, injuring two civilians and damaging 35 private houses and two cars", - the police report states.

"Another person was injured due to artillery shelling in Katerynivka, and a private house was damaged. Occupiers hit Yampil with a KAB-250 bomb, damaging an outbuilding. Ukrainka was attacked by drones, damaging a private house", - the report continues.