The "DPR" once again stated that it saw Ukraine only as confederation 12/15/2015 21:53:50. Total views 1082. Views today — 1.

Ukraine needs to enshrine confederate system in the Constitution . This was stated by Denis Pushilin, the head of delegation of the so-called "DPR" in the Contact Group in Minsk.

"The Constitution of Ukraine needs deep changes up to its complete rewriting", - said he.

"And, as American friends of Ukraine note,only confederation may be the way out of this situation for the country and prevention of the complete collapse", - said Pushilin referring to the obscure "American friends of Ukraine".

As previously reported, no one of the representatives of the United States talked about the need of federalization, especially the creation of a confederation. We are talking about decentralization of Ukraine.

In addition, D. Pushilin shows total incompetence, claiming the possible establishment of a confederal state of Ukraine. No confederate states can exist in the world as a confederation is a union of sovereign states. Members of the confederation retain their sovereignty, independent system of government, its laws and only a limited number of issues, often in the field of defense, foreign policy, is within the jurisdiction of the сonfederate authorities.