Militants are trying to block the work of all checkpoints in Donbass - the Ukrainian side of JCCC 07/04/2016 22:41:13. Total views 849. Views today — 0.

Illegal armed groups are trying to block the work of the checkpoints across the boundary line in Donbass. It is reported by the press officer of the Ukrainian side in JCCC Colonel Vitaly Ivanov, - reports the press-center of the ATO.

Ivanov recalled that last month the Ukrainian side of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire and stabilization of the boundary line recorded almost three times bigger growth (compared to May) of provocative attacks at checkpoints across the demarcation line from by the illegal armed groups.

"Most of all provocations by SDDR were conducted at the check station in Mayorsk - 13 cases and it wasn’t quiet near Stanitsa Luhanskaya, Zolotoye, Marinka. In total 23 cases," - said the statement.

Press officer of the Ukrainian side in JCCC notes that the activation of militants occurred on the background of consideration of parties dilution mechanism on both sides of the demarcation line. At first, it was announced that the advisers of heads of states of the "Normandy format" agreed on June 16th on three-point dilutions of the sides near the settlements of Stanitsa Luhanskaya, Petrovskoye and Zolotoye. Then, on June 29th, it became known that the parties agreed in Minsk on the conditions of forces dilution on the demarcation line, to begin with, in two districts of Donbass – near Zolotoye and Petrovkoye.

Information was also made public about how to exercise control over violators of the agreement. "Responsibility for violation of the ceasefire will mean compulsory withdraw of its units from the current position to a certain clearly defined distance. OSCE is expected to take responsibility for overseeing the issue. It will clearly indicate who and where carried out the attacks, and thus violated the ceasefire,"- quoted Interfax the words of the source.

Colonel Ivanov stressed that "the Ukrainian side proposed places for diluting forces which are essential for the regulation of the daily passenger flow."In particular, the demilitarization of the area near Stanitsa Luhanskaya checkpoint would allow "not only to remove some tension on that pedestrian crossing, but also in a certain way relieve the passenger flow from other checkpoints in Zaytsevo and Marinka, - said the statement. Opening Zolotoye will significantly regulate the pedestrian and vehicular traffic of citizens who go from the uncontrolled territory of Luhansk region (SDLR), because now they have to go through the uncontrolled territories of Donetsk region (SDDR) to enter the territory of Ukraine through Zaytsevo and Marinka checkpoints. Moreover, the infrastructure of the checkpoints has recently been restored and fully complies with technical standards.

"Our citizens, who have to overcome the demarcation line reported that the "border guards" of the IAG of the SDDR recently used another shameful practice - under various pretexts, deliberately slowed down crossing operation and created queues. They don’t forget to note that such their actions are forced, because the Ukrainian side, in their opinion, is too sluggish running. That is actually lies aimed at discrediting the state, separate districts of which they seized," - emphasizes the press officer of the Ukrainian side in JCCC.

He noted that, obviously, to implement the following steps to stabilize the situation in Donbass is not included in "future plans" of the SDDLR because "on the first days of July members of illegal armed groups committed another provocation."

So, in the morning of July 2nd at 07.05 team of the State Border Service of Ukraine that arrived to daily duty was fired at with small arms near Zolotoye checkpoint. Yesterday, on July 3rd Mayorsk check station was being shelled for 25 minutes - from 19.00 at 19.25 - the enemy used small arms to fire at the post infrastructure. On the same day from 20.20 to 20.35 members of the IAG fired with small arms at Marinka checkpoint from Aleksandrovka. Fire back was not opened. No one was injured.