In the image of Taras Bulba on horseback: Luhansk collaborators are asking for money for a monument to the "distinguished russian artist" Golubovich (PHOTO) 04/22/2024 14:50:33. Total views 239. Views today — 0.


Cultural collaborators from the occupied Luhansk have gathered to erect a memorial to their "ideological inspiration" - once the People's Artist of the USSR Mikhail Golubovich, who was awarded the title of "distinguished artist of the russian federation" by putin. This was reported by the "artistic director of the theater named after Golubovich", "People's Artist of Ukraine and the LNR" Natalia Koval, as reported by the occupation media on April 22.

"The work on creating a memorial sign to the People's Artist of the USSR and LNR, the distinguished artist of Russia Mikhail Golubovich, is in full swing", - the message said.

At the same time, the occupation authorities do not finance the creation of the "memorial sign". The message emphasizes that the "artists of his theater" are asking caring individuals to respond and provide financial assistance to complete the work on the "monument".

The media also publishes a photo of the layout of the memorial sign: Golubovich is depicted in the image of Taras Bulba, a role he played until 2014 on the stage of the theater in Luhansk - in the Ukrainian language, garnering laurels as a People's Artist of the USSR. The head of "Taras Bulba" on the memorial sign is adorned with a Ukrainian Cossack hairstyle - the Luhansk locals remember that during the period when the corresponding performance was staged, Golubovich walked around the city with the corresponding hairstyle.

The fact that the traitor was depicted in the image of a Ukrainian hero, collaborator Koval explained as follows: "The composition depicts Mikhail Vasilievich on horseback in the image of Taras Bulba, as he was madly in love with horses. It's all dynamic. The memorial sign will symbolize that Mikhail Golubovich is on horseback, he is ahead and leads us forward. Even if he is no longer with us".

Koval clarified that "the project is very expensive and energy-intensive in financial terms".

"Of course, we understand that we cannot cope on our own and have announced a fundraising campaign so that every resident of the republic can contribute - as much as they can", - the collaborator also said.

At the same time, there is no mention of financing from the side of the occupation "authorities", including from the "regional chief of the city of moscow", who periodically finances the installation of benches in "recreation areas" in Luhansk - not a word about it.

It was previously reported that putin awarded the title of "Distinguished Artist of the russian federation" to Mikhail Golubovich on August 17, 2023.

It was later reported that the Luhansk actor-traitor Golubovich lived in the rank of "distinguished artist of the russian federation" for less than two months.