The occupiers confirmed the liquidation of collaborator Chaika in Starobilsk and "called on citizens to be vigilant" (PHOTO) 04/01/2024 16:37:37. Total views 198. Views today — 1.

The occupation head of the "municipal formation of the Starobilsk municipal district" Vladimir Chernev confirmed the liquidation of collaborator Valeriy Chaika in Starobelsk on April 1 in Telegram.

"On April 1, 2024, at 13:30 near the Starobilsk branch of the Luhansk State Pedagogical University, a car explosion occurred. As a result of the incident, the deputy head of the "Center for Servicing Educational Organizations" Valeriy Chaika was killed", - wrote Chernev.

Listing the "merits" of Chaika, who until 2014 was a Ukrainian civil servant and held the position of deputy head of the Starobilsk district administration, Chernev emphasized that the traitor "was instrumental in the establishment of Starobilsk after liberation from Ukrainian paramilitary formations".

"I urge citizens to be vigilant", - Chernev also wrote, stating that representatives of the russian Investigative Committee are handling the incident.