Syrsky: "If the russians advance again, Kharkiv will become a fatal city for them" 03/29/2024 12:43:28. Total views 148. Views today — 2.

"If the russians advance again, Kharkiv will become a fatal city for them", - stated Lieutenant General Oleksandr Syrsky, Chief Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in an interview with Ukrinform, responding to questions about the realistic threat of a russian offensive on Kharkiv.

"We cannot ignore any information about the enemy's preparation for offensive actions, so we are taking all measures to adequately respond to such a possibility. Currently, we are carrying out extensive fortification works on territories and positions, establishing a comprehensive system of barriers, and planning the deployment of our troops in the event of such actions. We already have experience in combat operations in the Kharkiv oblast, where we managed to 'outsmart' the enemy and liberate a significant part of the Kharkiv oblast. It was then that a massive collapse of the russian front occurred. If the russians move there again, Kharkiv will be a fatal city for them", - emphasized Syrsky.

"However, each military operation is unique in its own way, and simply using its hypothetical copy in the next situation on the front will not work under any circumstances. Modern warfare is a mathematical problem with hundreds of variables, where each component can have a decisive impact", - he added.

Syrsky stressed that "preparation for powerful defense lines is currently underway on almost all threatening directions. Erecting fortification lines and structures has now become one of the priorities for the state leadership, the Armed Forces, local administrations, and so on".

Regarding the necessity of mobilizing 500,000 people into the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Syrsky stated, "After reviewing our internal resources, this figure has been significantly reduced".