The "DPR" believes that Ukraine should open branches of the PFU on the occupied territories 06/29/2016 23:18:44. Total views 953. Views today — 0.

The so-called "authorities" of the "DPR" want to open departments of the Pension Fund of Ukraine on the occupied territories for pension payments to residents of t Donetsk region beyond the control. It was stated by the press secretary of "head of the delegation of the DPR" in the negotiations Denis Pushilin Victoria Talakina, - reports the separatist DAN website.

"Ukraine should resume the payment of pensions, as required by the Set of Measures and norms of international law. To implement this paragraph, Denis Pushilin made a proposal on the establishment of additional offices of the Pension Fund in the republic," - said Talakina.

Meanwhile, the Minsk Agreements, to which Talakina referred, say that social security payments on the occupied territories may be resumed only if they return to the legal framework of Ukraine. Thus, paragraph 8 of the Set of Measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements provides "the full restoration of the social and economic relations, in particular, the payment of pensions and other payments (inpayments and income, timely payment of all utility bills, resumption of taxation) exclusively within the legal field of Ukraine.