Russian State Duma specified putin’s fantasies about a "sanitary zone" on the territory of Ukraine 03/19/2024 12:54:23. Total views 202. Views today — 0.

The "sanitary zone" in the border regions with russia of Ukraine, which vladimir putin spoke about, implies a territory controlled by russian troops and on which the aggressor country will allow Ukrainians to live. Russian State Duma deputy Andrey Kartapolov revealed this in a comment to russian journalists.

"The sanitary zone will have a depth that will exclude any impact on our territory... There will be no Ukrainian... military personnel there. Everything will be controlled by the Russian army", - he fantasized.

According to the deputy, the "sanitary zone" is not an exclusion zone - occupiers will allow Ukrainian citizens to live on their native land.

When asked about the specific depth of the "sanitary zone" announced by putin, Kartapolov replied, "Whatever happens".

As reported earlier, the russian Armed Forces are currently not achieving anything in this regard - the "special military operations" confidently moved to the territory of the russian border. Children are already being evacuated from the Belgorod oblast.