Canada is ready to send military personnel to Ukraine: the Defense Minister named the conditions 03/01/2024 16:40:18. Total views 166. Views today — 0.

Canada is ready to send military personnel to Ukraine, but not to the combat zone. Canadian Minister of Defense Bill Blair announced this on March 1, as reported by the Star.

"This idea was discussed earlier this week in Paris (at the security summit - OstroV)", - noted Blair.

It is specified that Canada is prepared to send a limited number of military personnel to train Ukrainian forces on Ukrainian territory, but under the condition that such an operation will take place far from the front line of the war with russia and will not have combat functions.

It is highlighted that after the meeting at the summit, French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the prospect of deploying troops to Ukraine, which prompted statements from Western allies, including Canada, criticizing the idea of sending combat soldiers to a war-torn country.

Earlier, it was reported that Macron did not rule out the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine.