Ukrainian traitors attending putin's "address" were seated separately (PHOTOFACT) 02/29/2024 15:04:17. Total views 171. Views today — 0.

Leaders of the "new regions" and collaborators, including Evgeny Balitsky, Vladimir Saldo, Leonid Pachesnik, and Denis Pushilin, listened to putin's address to the Federal Assembly of the russian federation on February 29th, seated in a separate group. The corresponding screenshot was posted by the Telegram channel "Donbass. Vazhno". "Leaders of the 'L/DNR', the occupied Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts, are listening to Putin's speech. Even here, they are sitting separately. Judging by the photo, the heads of the 'new regions' did not integrate among other regional leaders", - the message said.

Earlier, russian military claimed that the leader of the "LNR" Pasechnik had suffered severe poisoning with phenolic compounds in December 2023.