The "LNR" boasted that they provided the opportunity for occupiers from all russian regions to vote for putin 02/28/2024 14:02:03. Total views 289. Views today — 0.

The so-called "election commission of the LNR" ensured that russian occupiers could vote in the illegal elections for the president of russia in the occupied territories. "The chairperson of the republic's election commission", Elena Kravchenko, shared this information with local journalists.

"We have fully ensured the opportunity for servicemen (of the occupation forces of the russian federation - OstroV) to vote. They have the right to do so while being on our territory. These could be voters from other regions. Accordingly, servicemen who expressed a desire to vote will have such an opportunity". - she assured.

According to the collaborator, a special voting procedure is provided for these "defenders".