Russians carried out an airstrike on the Sumy oblast, killing a married couple (VIDEO) 02/26/2024 12:33:25. Total views 226. Views today — 0.

Russians carried out an airstrike on the community in the Sumy oblast, resulting in the death of a married couple. This information was reported by the Sumy Oblast Military Administration.

"Russian terrorists once again committed a heinous crime against the peaceful population of the Sumy oblast. On February 26 at 2:15 a.m., an airstrike was carried out on the Yunakivska community. The enemy used guided aerial bombs. Four explosions were recorded. Preliminarily, two people - a married couple who were at home - died as a result of the airstrike. One private residential house was destroyed, and 5 others were damaged. All necessary services are working at the scene", - reported the Oblast Military Administration.

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As reported, the Ukrainian Air Force destroyed 9 enemy drones and three Kh-59 missiles during the night of February 26.