Russia repeatedly shelled Kostiantynivka: a train station, church and 12 apartment buildings were destroyed (PHOTO, VIDEO) 02/26/2024 10:28:43. Total views 358. Views today — 0.

Russia repeatedly shelled Kostiantynivka in the Donetsk oblast. The attacks resulted in one woman sustaining minor injuries. Acting head of Kostiantynivka City Military Administration, Serhiy Horbunov, reported this to Suspilne Donbas on February 25.

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"A woman suffered minor injuries and refused hospitalization. She was injured by the explosive wave, as a result of shattered window glass", - said Serhiy Horbunov.

According to his information, there were several shelling incidents on the evening of February 24, using multiple rocket launchers, and rocket attacks continued during the night of February 25.

Civil infrastructure suffered, with damage to several private houses and apartment buildings. The attacks caused windows and glass to be shattered in people's homes, as clarified by the acting official.

According to the National Police, after midnight on February 25, russia launched a massive strike on Kostiantynivka, presumably using S-300 missiles. A civilian was injured, and significant damage occurred to the railway station building, a church, 2 private houses, and 12 apartment buildings. Additionally, 21 shops, 19 market stalls, three educational institutions, two administrative buildings, a post office, and a kiosk were damaged.

Under the procedural guidance of the Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor's Office, a pre-trial investigation has been initiated into the violation of laws and customs of war (part 1 of article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).