Synehubov stated that rumors about the offensive and surrender of Kharkiv to the enemy are russian PSYOP 02/23/2024 10:38:39. Total views 466. Views today — 1.

Oleh Synehubov stated that rumors about the advance and surrender of Kharkiv to the russian occupiers are hostile information and psychological operations. The head of the Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration made this statement in an interview on "Topic with Mosiychuk".

"Such rumors circulate week after week. That there will be an advance, that Kharkiv will surrender... It's indeed a PSYOP. Targeted PSYOP requires direct communication with the people", - Synehubov said.

He noted that this doesn't mean underestimating the enemy. "Kharkiv, Kupiansk, Lypci, Borova feel daily that [the enemy] has not abandoned his plans to capture the region", - emphasized the head of the OMA.

Synehubov does not deny that the occupiers may initiate an advance, but the Defense Forces are "working 24/7".

According to the head of the Military Administration, for the enemy to advance, they need a certain amount of assault troops in a specific direction.

"We monitor this situation 24/7 to understand and convey information, especially in parallel with the military, intelligence, security service, to be on the safe side. To adequately take measures to counteract", - Synehubov said.

Earlier, the Ground Forces stated that there is currently no threat of a russian advance on Kharkiv.