Pushilin refers to the complete destruction of Avdiivka as "liberation" and promises to establish a special medal 02/20/2024 12:30:29. Total views 354. Views today — 0.

The leader of the "DNR", Denis Pushilin, intends to establish a special medal "For the Liberation of Avdiivka". He announced this on one of the russian propaganda TV channels.

According to him, "the guys are wondering where our medal for the liberation of Avdiivka is", he said.

"I can say that everything is being prepared now, and we will announce it additionally", - Pushilin promised.

As reported earlier, as a result of regular artillery and missile-bomb strikes by russian occupiers, Avdiivka was turned into ruins. According to the information of local occupational authorities, out of 35 thousand residents at the time of the "liberation", only about a thousand people remain in the city.