The conflict in Donbass will not be over after returning control over the border – Chernysh 06/22/2016 21:11:05. Total views 947. Views today — 0.

The conflict in Donbass will continue even after the return of control over the border. It was stated by Minister on temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Vadim CHernysh in an interview with Golos Ukrainy.

"We see that today hatred is sown on the other side - they try to collect on the uncontrolled territories lists of children whose parents died, other people, and keep them in such a group, calling Ukrainians punitive and so on. It means today provoked by the specialists of the Russian special services in order to maintain the conflict for a long time," - said Chernysh.

According to Chernysh, even if Ukraine has control over the border, it will get "nearly three million people who do not perceive it."

"And you get a conflict. It doesn’t matter if you control the border or not - it is still a situation of conflict. It's just its another dimension," - he said.

"We have a unified Ukrainian society. In this conflict there is no national component as in former Yugoslavia. We have an artificially provoked conflict," - concluded Chernysh.