The Territorial Centres of Recruitment and Social Support clarified whom they specifically cannot call up during mobilization 02/13/2024 10:54:35. Total views 213. Views today — 1.

Male citizens of Ukraine under the age of 27 cannot be called up for mobilization because they are not included in the military registration of conscripts, as reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing the briefing by Major Roman Istomin, the Public Relations Service Chief of the Poltava Oblast Territorial Centre of Recruitment and Social Support, on February 12.

According to him, military registration is divided into the registration of conscripts, conscripted soldiers, and reservists.

Conscript Military Registration

Conscript military registration includes young men who have turned 17 after receiving their military registration card. This is necessary for conscription into compulsory military service. However, during a state of war, conscription for mandatory service is not carried out, but the conscription process is not canceled.

Military Registration of Conscripted Soldiers

Istomin clarified that the military registration of conscripted soldiers includes male citizens aged 27 and older. The draft board decides on their transfer from the military registration of conscripts. At the age of 27, a citizen who was previously a conscript must come to the TC. A medical commission is formed to assess their health status. If found fit for military service, they are transferred from the military registration of conscripts to the military registration of conscripted soldiers, added Istomin.

"Only at the age of 27 can he be mobilized, at least according to the current legislation. Under a contract, he can be called up earlier, from the age of 21. But specifically through mobilization, he enters the registration from which they call up during mobilization only at the age of 27. Before that, he cannot be physically called up for mobilization because he is not in that registry", - he explained.

On January 31, the government submitted a draft law on mobilization to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which proposes several changes to the mobilization process. In particular, the Cabinet of Ministers wants to reduce the conscription age to 25. Therefore, citizens can be included in the military registration of conscripted soldiers from the age of 25.

As reported, an economist presented the maximum percentage of men who can be mobilized without significant threat to the country's economy.

It was also reported that there is a proposal in the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada to issue certificates of defender to conscripted citizens.