50 kg of explosives were discovered in Moldova at crash the site of the Shahed drone 02/12/2024 17:33:23. Total views 118. Views today — 0.

Fifty kilograms of explosives were found beside the fragments of the russian kamikaze Shahed UAV in Moldova after the russian attack on Ukraine. This information is reported by RBC-Ukraine, referring to News Maker and the Moldovan police on February 12.

According to reports, during the examination of the wreckage site of the combat UAV Shahed in the Vulcănești district, sappers discovered the warhead of the drone containing approximately 50 kg of explosive material.

Local law enforcement's bomb disposal unit safely neutralized and collected all the drone fragments. The police added that in the near future, sappers will detonate the discovered explosive charge under safe conditions.

At the moment, the entire perimeter of the drone crash site has been sealed off. These measures will continue until the completion of the investigation.

It was previously reported that on February 11, in Moldova, near the border with Ukraine, not far from the village of Etulia in the Vulcănești district, border guards discovered fragments of the Shahed-type drone. The drone attack occurred overnight from February 9 to February 10 in the Izmail district of Ukraine.

The night before, on February 10, occupiers launched 31 UAVs from Balaklava, Cape Chauda (Crimea), and the Kursk oblast (russia) to attack Ukraine. Air defense shot down 23 enemy drones.

As reported earlier, a fragment of a russian missile fell on the territory of Moldova.