Boris Nadezhdin, who opposes the war with Ukraine, has been denied registration as a presidential candidate in russia 02/08/2024 15:05:30. Total views 253. Views today — 0.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) rejected Boris Nadezhdin's registration as a presidential candidate in russia, and the politician will appeal the decision in the Supreme Court. This was reported by russian media on February 8.

"The CEC deemed 9,147 out of 60,000 selected signatures invalid – this is more than 15%, exceeding the allowable legal error rate of 5%. The campaign submitted a total of 105,000 signatures to the CEC", - the statement said.

It is noted that later Nadezhdin's campaign published examples of signatures for his nomination, which the Central Election Commission deemed invalid. In one of the sheets after digitization (conducted by the CEC), Rostov-on-Don became "rostov na domu" (Rostov at home), instead of Mayakovsky Street in Engels, "Myakovsky Street" appeared, and in another, the city of Salekhard became "Salikhard". The CEC declared these signatures invalid, stating that the addresses did not match.

"Nadezhdin asked the CEC to postpone the consideration of the issue of his registration for the presidential elections from February 7 to February 10 because the team would not have had time to verify all the comments in the remaining time. However, the CEC agreed to reschedule the meeting to February 8. The head of the commission, Ella Pamfilova, called it an expression of goodwill", - the statement also mentioned.

Earlier, it was reported that russian politician Boris Nadezhdin, who opposes the war with Ukraine, collected the required 100,000 signatures for his nomination in the presidential elections.