People in Donetsk either laugh at Zakharchenko or are afraid of him, or grovel before him - Russian journalist 06/21/2016 21:03:01. Total views 1226. Views today — 2.

Leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko is not a respected figure in Donetsk. Russian journalist Marina Akhmedova wrote about that on her Facebook page.

"I observe how people in the city treat Zakharchenko. Not many have a good attitude to him. They simply laugh at him. Some are afraid of him and his entourage. That's the People's Republic There are older women who for some reason love him. Well, maybe because they often see on billboards," -writes the journalist who spent a lot of time in occupied Donbass.

Officials in the "DPR" have a different attitude to Zakharchenko, according to her. "There is a new class of petty officials - those from the category of" who was nothing will become everything". They just grovel, are afraid of losing their posts which they got in a wonderful and unexpected way. But they are not suitable for these posts. It causes grovel. I have rarely met professionals who grovel," - writes Akhmedova.

In addition, she is confident that "Alexander Zakharchenko was not a mature person when he got the power, he did not have enough strong spine to keep the hatof power."

She disagrees with the opinion of Russian propagandists that Alexander Zakharchenko could become President of Ukraine. "I think that Zakharchenko will not be the President of Ukraine but also of the DPR/LPR, if there is a merger," - wrote the journalist.

She urged "not to make Zakharchenko Che Guevara."