Propagandist Kots revealed the hardships brought to Lysychansk by the "russian world": no heating, water, network signal, and intermittent electricity (PHOTO) 02/07/2024 13:00:33. Total views 292. Views today — 0.

Russian propagandist and correspondent for "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Alexander Kots showcased the disasters brought by the "russian world" to Lysychansk. He dedicated a comprehensive report to his visit to the occupied city.

"Firstly, there is no heating. It has been on only in a few dozen houses where the 'operational situation' allowed... Every time the doorbell rings (yes, there is electricity, but not all the time), residents open the door, all bundled up in warm clothes", - he writes.

"Secondly, water is scarce. A sure sign that someone lives in the apartment is a dozen five-liter bottles arranged in two rows on the stairwell. Local authorities deliver water, but you have to carry it yourself to the apartment because the elevators don't work", - he continues describing what russian occupation has brought to the residents.

"Thirdly, there is no communication — neither the Internet nor mobile networks. Only regular landline phones remain. Across the city, they have hung payphones that seem to belong to the past century. You can use them to call emergency services for free", - the propagandist acknowledges.

Kots attempts to shift the blame for the complete collapse of Lysychansk onto the Ukrainian Armed Forces, claiming that they allegedly "destroy with artillery" all positive initiatives of the occupiers. However, in his report, he fails to mention that before the russian invasion, the city lived a normal peaceful life with heating, water, and mobile communication.