"Cleansing has been taking place since morning" in frontline Marinka – volunteer 06/21/2016 19:18:31. Total views 942. Views today — 0.

Military are conducting special operation in front-ine in Marinka. Volunteer Sergey Kosyak writes about that on his Facebook page.

"Cleansing has been taking place in the city since morning, there are militaries in all intersections and streets, they stop cars and pedestrians, check the documents and carry out a visual inspection. They go to some yards, arrest someone, but so far without shooting," - he wrote.

According to S. Kosyak, he was personally stooped 4 times on the way to the city center that is "800 meters".

"Once stopped and asked to bring two militaries and arrested grandfather to the police department. It seems the soldiers knew who was arrested as took grandfather out of his home and dragged several sets of uniforms with Russian chevrons in a transparent bag. Grandfather was pale and very scared and told me in the bus that five years ago his son had given him that uniform and no one knows how it really was," - he said.

Information about special operations is also confirmed by users of VKontakte social network. "Soldiers of the National Guard and SSU blocked the streets of Marinka this morning. Law enforcement officers check every building and car in search of saboteurs and people collaborating with terrorists," - stated Krasnogorovka, unite !!! group.

"They search cars, attics, basements, - says a resident of the city. - Anyone who is even slightly suspicious is detained for clarification of the circumstances."

Such events are expected to continue tomorrow.